Quality U.S.A. products since 1995.

Spread, season, drizzle and savor your way to a more exciting mealtime with your family.

American Classic products are produced by top manufactures from across the U.S.A - from sunny Southern California to snowy New York. We only use the best formulas to ensure maximum quality and deliciousness!

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Awesome sauces, spreads, syrups, snacks and other stuff.

U.S.A. made products loved for over 25 years.

American Classic Foods provides a wide variety of top quality condiments that allow families to create delicious meals everyday.
We are known for our variety of delicious salad dressings, including favorites like ranch, honey mustard and Caesar.
From spicy marinara to basil to our original recipe marinara, we have you covered for your favorite Italian dishes.
Enjoy our delicious peanut butter spreads, made from fresh peanuts in the USA. Perfect for PB&J sandwiches or for an afternoon snack.
American Classic Foods is excited to share our new line of mixed nuts and snacks. Enjoy roasted or lightly salted!
The question for families: waffles, pancakes, or French toast? Try them all with our amazing syrups, or enjoy a cold glass of chocolate milk with our chocolate syrup.
There is nothing quite like a warm bowl of mac & cheese - are we wrong? Enjoy an American Classic Foods dish packed with cheesy flavor.
Can't decide if you want pancakes or waffles? How about both! Try our American Classic Foods Pancake & Waffle Mix today.

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